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Paramphistomiasis and Distomatosis in Cattle in the Afyon Province
Turkiye Parazitol Derg 2005; 29: 43-46

Key Words: Cattle, paramphistomiasis, distomatosis, Afyon

In this study, livers, gall bladders, rumens and reticulums from 746 males and 255 females, making a total of 1001 slaughtered cattle, were examined in order to determine the prevalence of paramphistomiasis and distomatosis during the period of June 2003-November 2003 in the Afyon province. The infection rate of parasites was 13.6% (136 cattle) for Paramphistomidae spp., 4.6% (46 cattle) for Fasciola spp., 15.3% (153 cattle) for Dicrocoelium dendriticum and 1.4% (14 cattle) for either Fasciola spp. or D. dendriticum. The infection of males with paramphistomiasis and distomatosis was 3.05 times more than that in the females. 

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