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Comparison of Incidence of Demodex folliculorum on the Eyelash Follicule in Normal People and Blepharitis Patients
1 Denizli Devlet Hastanesi, Parazitoloji Bölümü, Denizli, Türkiye  
2 Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, Department of Ophtalmology, Izmir, Turkiye  
3 Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology  
Turkiye Parazitol Derg 2007; 31: 296-297

Key Words: Demodex folliculorum, blepharitis

 Demodex folliculorum has been incriminated in the development of blepharitis although much controversy persist. Some authors suggest that Demodex is a direct pathogen in chronic palpebral conditions while others consider the saprophyte to be innocuous to skin. We conducted a prospective study of eyelashes in 48 patients with blepharitis (totally 96 eyes) and 48 healthy persons (totally 96 eyes), searching for Demodex folliculorum and chronic blepharitis. Microscopy in immersion oil after storage in a moist chamber was performed. It is determined Demodex follicullorum in 11 of 37 (29.72%) patients with blepharitis, in one of 11 (9.09%) patient with blepharoconjunctivitis and in 2 of 48 (4,16%) persons in healthy control group. Staphylococcus aureus was cultivated in five patients and D. folliculorum was found two of them. The incidence of Demodex folliculorum was high in patients with blepharitis compared with normal controls. Incidence was high in males. Anti-Demodex treatment is indicated when the parasite is found. 

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