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Incidence of Dirofilaria sp. in Dogs in Sanliurfa Province
1 Harran Üniversitesi, Veteriner Fakültesi İç Hastalıkları Anabilim Dalı  
2 Harran Üniversitesi, Veteriner Fakültesi Parazitoloji Anabilim Dalı, Şanlıurfa  
Turkiye Parazitol Derg 2004; 28: 140-142

Key Words: Dog, Dirofilaria sp. , Incidence

This study was performed to investigate the incidence of Dirofilaria spp. in dogs in the Sanliurfa Province. A total of 92 dogs of different ages, sexes, and breeds were used as material. Out of these, 54 were from the city and 38 from the rural areas of Sanliurfa Province. Blood samples obtained from dogs were examined by thick smears and the modified Knott’s method. Three (5.5 %) dogs were found to be infected with Dirofilaria spp. in the city and four (10.5%) dogs in the rural area of the Sanliurfa Province. As a result; incidence of parasites in dogs living in villages were found to be higher than in the city. For this reason, an effective control program against the fly population should be organized. 

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